There are many die cast manufacturing companies out there, but Peng Ming Enterprise is one of the few that has the experience and certifications to give you the kind of quality you deserve in your die casting products. We are ISO9001 certified with the International Organization for Standardization. This certification expresses that our company meets the specific requirements outlined for a quality management system under the ISO’s guidelines. These guidelines include demonstrating the ability to create products that consistently meet regulatory and statutory requirements. A company would also have to have an effective organizational system in place that continuously increases customer satisfaction and improves the system in order to accommodate this.  Since Peng Ming Enterprise has received this certification, this means we have proven ourselves to meet these guidelines. Not only that, but we continue to meet these guidelines every single day. If we didn’t then we would have our certification taken away from us by the ISO because they are very strict on the companies they certify and they frequently perform audits to make sure these companies are maintaining the same level of quality that got them certified in the first place. So you know we mean business when we say that we thrive to provide high quality products with superb customer satisfaction.

            The aluminum zinc and alloy die casting has a variety of different weights that range from 1 gram to 11,000 grams. Due to our advanced die casting process, the rate of error can be controlled so that it is less than 0.005mm. We can perform an integrated operation that involves mold design, manufacturing and die casting that is molded to precision. We have the capability of CNC processing, drilling and tapping, outer diameter grinding, vibratory grinding, sandblasting, manual polishing grinding, multi-color electroplating, anodizing treatment, chromite-free surface treatment (conforming to RoHS, WEEE regulations, anticorrosive and salt spray test up to 1000 hours). In-house assembly lines are also available to reduce outsourcing procedures for fast delivery and miniature stocks.

            If you still have questions about our capabilities then use the contact information on the bottom of the screen and let us know your concerns. We can provide you with pictures and possibly even samples of our work if you so desire. With over 30 years of experience and certification from the ISO, we are one of the few die casting companies in the world that have proven themselves to be capable of product high quality die casting at affordable prices.