Street lights are something you see everywhere on the road. You also see them in commercial parking lots as well. However, street lights tend to break often and constantly need its components or parts replaced. Taiwan Die Casting is an affordable manufacturer of street lights and all of the parts that make up street lights. Some of the most essential components of street lights that we manufacture are igniters, lamp sockets, reflectors, capacitors and ballasts. You may also find that you need an entirely new shell to the street light. No matter what part of the street light that you need to replace, Taiwan Die Casting can offer you great deals on any of these parts. The last thing you want to do is go to a retail hardware store and pay for overpriced street light parts. Our company offers these parts at less than both retail and wholesale prices. We are the source where wholesalers and retailers purchase these parts, so you know you are getting a good deal with us. Whether you are a government entity that wants to fix your district’s street lights or a company who wants to fix the street lights in their parking lot, we are the best choice for purchasing street light parts that you will ever find. Custom manufacturing of street lights and parts for street lights.